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  1. There are people on here who have been playing Bass for well over 50 years, and we still have times when we feel like we know nothing! You're in good company. 

    Welcome on board. 😉

  2. I've been playing an SX Precision for some years now (Don't laugh, I prefer it to a 'real one') and I recently had the chance of an SX Jazz -  in Lake Placid Blue, apparently. Cheap as chips, to borrow from David Dickinson, and after a couple of daft little 'tweaks' I love it. 

    Sad to say, I have no need, or desire, for anything else, so there hasn't been a bad purchase.

    Jazz one..jpg

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  3. Singing-yes, talking-no. You know when you're trying to be 'cool' by introducing a song, while playing the Intro? Can't do that. I used to have to talk while the Guitar and Drums were quietly starting off, then, when I'd finished talking, start playing and singing. I found myself talking 'in rhythm' with the song, and I've never been able to stop doing it.

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  4. [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1505213618' post='3370237']
    Wow, living in a touring van with your gear is a pretty hard-core commitment. I wouldn't have done that even as a kid!

    We did it. We had a lump of foam, about single bed size, that laid across the PA cabs behind the seats, and took turns sleeping on it. The other three got the B&B for the night, but there was always one in the van, with a couple of broken mic stands within easy reach. ;) A bit of old backdrop hung from the roof for privacy (and draught exclusion) and Robert was indeed your Auntie's Husband. B)

  5. If you go back, the Drummer will constantly mock you for ever. It will come to a head again, and you will leave again. You have been a 'disruptive influence' to all their Big Ideas, and you will never be allowed to forget it. It may seem like a Cultural Desert as far as Music is concerned, but hings can change overnight. Stay away!

  6. A short while ago, a Bass Player in a Band I know, had booked a weekend off, for a trip to his Caravan Park. His car broke down, so they couldn't go. He got a lift from the Guitarist, and watched me do his Gig! :) I'm in the same area as Warwickhunt, and had the same problems at times, but there are SOME good'uns out there.

  7. I live in the same town, and he used to drive past my house on the way to his girlfriend's place. Whenever I ordered anything, he would drop it off as he was passing. No extra charge, a nice chat every time, and I've used his services ever since. B)

  8. [quote name='Happy Jack' timestamp='1481267392' post='3191038']
    As soon as I joined Bassworld it shut down.

    As soon as I joined Basstalk it shut down.

    As soon as I joined Basschat it survived for over nine years (and counting).

    And they all lived happily ever after.

    That saved me typing it all out! B)

  9. In this Digital Age, it would be so easy to take 'before' and 'after' pictures, so as to show proof of the problem, and its rectification. At the very least......................................................you know what? Ignore the pillock! He wasn't even worthy of the effort involved to finish my post. :rolleyes:

  10. Song for me. I usually don't listen dreadfully hard for the Bass line, unless I have to learn the song for a gig. There have been a few posts of songs on here, extolling the Bass or the Performer, and when I've started to listen, I've only lasted a couple of minutes, because it's been a brilliant Bass in a completely dross song. :rolleyes:

  11. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1476395045' post='3154028']
    Ok guys, most know I'm a Yankee. What is a holiday camp?


    I should imagine your closest equivalent could be the place visited in Dirty Dancing? (The Wife was watching it on the telly-honest!) :o

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