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  1. My Guild Starfire is strung with Fender 9050L (45-100), and it's a very good match
  2. Not exaclty what you're asking for, but I've recently tuned my modified Bronco to "fifths" tuning (basically cello tuning one octave down: C-G-D-A low to high). I used a light set from a 5 string bass, using 5th, 4th, 2nd and 1st strings from low to high. I can't yet play it properly but the sound is interesting! In your case tuning to standard D, I would use four big strings from a 5 string set.
  3. Same disclaimer: not a great slapper myself. My Bronco has a bridge pickup added and it defends itself allright on classic boogie era slap and pop.
  4. It sounds great! Liked all the three pickup positions, interesting sounds from the each one. The only thing left to do is a new pickguard and you're good for next 50 years
  5. Gigged my Guild Starfire I last WE for the first time (the new model with PB pickup). Classical rock and blues with some vintage funk. This thing is a keeper!!! Good looks, comfortable and this sound! Both lows and highs are beautiful, very even string volume. One of the best basses I've ever had.
  6. When using roundwounds, I just unwind the exterior winding layer to fit the bigger strings. Doesn't work with flats.
  7. I would better have a bass with holes that plays well rather then the opposite
  8. As others say, you need to move this bridge back, maybe 10 or 15 mm
  9. You need to move the saddles farther away from the neck
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