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  1. Iam 51 years old been playing bass since I was 11 years old - I have a masters degree in music education I am a former music teacher for Chicago Public schools Run an 80s band Called Risky Business https://www.riskybusinesschicago.com/ I am studying to be real estate Broker and play a lot of bass on weekends and in my free time - Love 80's - smooth jazz Hard Rock.. Marcus Miller Stanley Clark and roller skaing on ice and doing the splits! hahaha Not really but .. I like comedy too
  2. I am with you here. I have tried a couple of big muffs and YUCK! I cant get it to sound good at all on any bass with any setting - people do like them and ive heard some people on you tube mix it in with other effects and it sounds decent - but I cant get nuffin decent out of it -- I think a lot of people like sans amp for their dirt on bass - but ... I prefer cleaner tones on bass anyway - - so right there that sorta makes me biased BUT I like other dirt on basses that I hear from others I just havnt been able to create my own personal dirt tone -- especially on a big muff -- which my wife makes a face and a joke and winces at the name on the box about every time she walks pass the box it came in
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