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  1. Woohoo. Thanks guys. I was a little worried it would need repair. Batteries changed and she’s purring perfectly rookie error I guess thank you Dave
  2. Perfect. I’ll change the batteries in a while. Fingers crossed it’s just that ill keep you posted thank you for that dave
  3. Hi John come to think of it. Yes. Amp off but still plugged in. Does that make a difference ? thanks dave
  4. Hi all. I have a Sire Marcus miller V9. Whilst practicing last night. I flicked the switch between passive and active. On passive all ok. On active. No sound. But a faint crackle. I thought it was a lead issue. Changed that. Still the same. ive bought some new batteries. And will change them over tonight Although the ones in it are only a month or so old. if it’s not the batteries. What else could it be ? thanks in advance Dave
  5. Thanks all. I’ve ordered stuart Clayton’s. And dummies. I’m getting on ok with it. Have a few songs under my belt. 21 years ago I stopped guitar and drums. So really sort of starting again. Never been as excited before as I am with the bass. Love it ! Thanks for everyone’s advice Dave
  6. Afternoon all Hope all is well. having taken the jump into my first bass. Could anyone recommend a good first book. Preferably tab. Just To get me started. I know there are online illustrations. But I do prefer a book. I know I will get a few recommendations. But an easy book to learn my way around the fretboard and maybe string a Basic tune together ? many thanks Dave
  7. Dave_1

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    thanks mate. Appreciate your help. I’ve just bought myself a Marcus miller V9 4 string. And a couple of Ashdown amps with an electric blue 180. Very impressed with the Marcus miller. Lovely to play. Play in the lightest of sense at the mo lol
  8. Hi All I'm looking for a Bass guitar tutor in or around Mayland / Maldon in Essex, no bass guitar as yet, I wanted to have a lesson before investing in a decent bass, so i will need to borrow one to start with if possible, Can anyone help please ? Many Thanks Dave
  9. Dave_1

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    Morning everyone I'm new to the forum, so a big hello, I haven't picked a guitar up in 20 odd years, So sort of starting again, I've never learned how to play the bass, big regret as I've always wanted to learn it, would any of you have some pointers as to what bass to buy, I've looked at a couple, I'm torn between the Fender Aerodyne or the Ibanez 600, second hand obviously, what would you guys recommend ? I'm not a lover of cheap cheap instrument's, but don't want to spend the earth starting off again also any recommendations for a bass tutor, I'm based nr Chelmsford Essex any help would be appreciated Dave
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