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  1. I’ve had an EHX Bass Big Muff since that version was released I’m thinking 2009ish. Since then I’ve had a love hate relationship with it. I am currently playing through an Orange TB and that particular amp hates the big muff. I cannot get anything close to what my previous amp sounded like with the big muff through it. Honestly I really don’t need a fuzz or overdrive pedal as the Orange TB has a distinct growl already. So now I have a pedal that will collect dust. I hate to get rid of it but I can’t see myself using it much.
  2. Hopefully at this point you bought the Matamp and If nothing else you flipped it for a profit.
  3. Hello to my fellow bass players in the UK and elsewhere. Recently acquired my dream bass a Rickenbacker 4003s as well as one of my dream amps an Orange Terror Bass. Looking forward to interacting with other musicians and finding out more information about gear and advice on gigging.
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