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  1. Actually, on an empty stomach, i'm near 191 pound I really work on it...
  2. thanks to all of you for your trade offers but i'm more for a sale. Package and Shipping are included.
  3. The euro's price is 7500€ Shipping included from France for this 5 strings bona model with 34', 24 frets, ebony dots, birdeye maple made in 8/1/2008 Primavera top ash body Ebony ramp Pope preamp wooten's FODERA strings Duncan pickups Black hardware Dovetail neck Weight is 4,9Kg hardcase FODERA action is responsive and low, BEADG setting,19mm max space no gigs, never played out of home, that's her matter... [attachment=214033:20150719_111215.jpg] [attachment=214037:20150719_111341.jpg] [attachment=214038:20150719_110924.jpg] [attachment=214039:20150719_111110.jpg]
  4. maybe a trade for this one? Cause i feel more confortable on 4 : https://www.zikinf.com/annonces/dispannonce.php?annonce=1199259 Please Let me know
  5. A long time for pending! Still available?
  6. [quote name='jobistre' post='889044' date='Jul 7 2010, 10:27 PM']nice how many £ do you want for it?[/quote] i ask again...
  7. nice how many £ do you want for it?
  8. the 29th first notes of the solo in the beginning of the "cherockee" jazz song.....the victor wooten version.... in slow motion!!! with chance i will do it at the rignt speed when i will have 80 years old. ...if i can go so fast at this respectable age! DOES IT MEAN THAT I WILL NEVER DO IT RIGHT!!!!! so sad.. i return to work "smoke on the water"...
  9. THE ANSWER OF THE LITTLE GAME : "who is that man on the picture who also use crotch walnut?" answer : KEN SMITH himself... no one win my bass...sorry for you guys.
  10. [quote name='munkonthehill' post='852412' date='May 31 2010, 09:37 AM']theres activity in ma pant looking at this[/quote] wish it's the good side of the pant! sorry, bad joke! actually, it's more intense when you ear and play with this beauty! i always got 2 or 3 extra pants in the hardcase...
  11. a riddle : do you reconize that man who is going to use crotch walnut to make a bass?
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