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  1. lampas


    I have the same S XXXXXXX (seven digit) serial number jazz. Does someone have proper explanation for that kind of numbering ?
  2. Hm, it was on AB site as fiesta red, but yes it's more purely red than fiesta ... Regards.
  3. People please, I am not interested in trades ...
  4. [quote name='Duffffy' timestamp='1474091919' post='3135511'] it give me .ipb file [/quote] Try to save it as MP3 or rename it... I don't know, the forum change extension to ibp...
  5. Ok here I have MP3 with demo of this bass...the performance ... let's not talk about it i did this demo really fast ... ... recorded direct into Tascam US144 mk2 into Reaper without any processing ...
  6. Added neck pocket and stamp on the neck photos
  7. [quote name='nig' timestamp='1472409329' post='3120934'] Hi I am interested in this neck, the one on e bay by the german guy is a no hope sadly, he has had that and other items for sale for 10 years or more and in my opinion is a chancer, but your neck looks great, but fretless is my only issue, but I have the rest of the bass with a g&l neck on it at the moment. regards,Nigel. [/quote] Hm I think it would be better to not convert it to fretted ... Yes the neck is nice and would be really for fretless lovers (think Tony Levin ..)
  8. Musicman Sabre bass fretless neck, taken from my old 1979 Musicman Sabre bass. The neck is in the perfect condition, except on the back, are few dings, nothing serious. Trus rod works without a problem and the surface is almost as new ... Comes with the Schaller Musicman tuners. Here is the the similar neck for sale in Germany, but maple and fretted: [url="http://www.ebay.com/itm/1979-MUSIC-MAN-SABRE-BASS-NECK-made-in-USA-/122090303250?hash=item1c6d262f12:g:OxEAAOSwFnFWCZXx"]http://www.ebay.com/...xEAAOSwFnFWCZXx[/url] No interested in trades!
  9. Fender Precision 1966. All parts on the bass are originals except: - Color is old refin - Pickguard is Fender precision tortoise shell replacement No interested in trades. Shipping in Europe goes on my account. Bass was bought last year here: [url="http://www.andybaxterbass.com/details.php?id=950"]http://www.andybaxte...ails.php?id=950[/url] Unfortunately, I have some expenses to pay, so it must go ...
  10. MusicMan Stingray 1977 B00 Natural in good working condition. No trades please. Please contact me for the shipping cost.
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