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  1. everogere

    Feedback for KiOgon

    Ive been having problems with tone control on my Fender Flea bass for ages and had tried different wiring harnesses with no avail. saw a thread on here recommending John ( KiOgon ) and started a conversation which resulted in him rewiring my harness to his own spec. The difference was amazing this guy is a wizard and a truly nice guy !! Highly recommended. Many thanks John.
  2. I have a Fender Flea Bass, the tone contols never seem to have any effect to the sounds so I purchased a complete wiring harness from the dreaded Ebay ( not a cheap one !) and it seems to be exactly the same no tone control. Am I missing something ??
  3. everogere

    Finish - Is it important ?

    I was thinking more of 2 pack paint ? Water based.
  4. I have purchased a very nice Fender Jazz bass which is finished in nitrocellulose lacquer and has a road worn finish. Unfortunately 'road worn' is not really for me, if I have the body resprayed in something other than nitrocellulose would it effect the tone/sound of the bass ? I guess what Im asking is, does the type of finish effect the sound.
  5. Has anyone taken one of these combos apart ? I have 2 questions 1. How does the amp come out of the cab, I have removed the 4 visible screws on the top but it doesnt move. 2. Are the speakers glued in position, I have removed all screws but speakers stuck fast. ( Was looking for other fixings for amp ) Now no more ideas, HELP Please Thanks
  6. everogere

    !972 Fender USA Precision Wiring ???

    Thanks Gary, thats a really interesting site.
  7. Can anyone tell me if 1972 Fender USA Precison Bass should have cloth covered wiring or plastic. Im trying to restore to as original as possible. Thanks
  8. everogere

    Stripping Down a Bass... *updated*

    Hi Dont wanna put a damper on your enthuisium but many painted basses and guitars are made up of several pieces of wood, this is certainly ture of Fenders, you may find they are totally different textures and or colour and therefore not very attractive when left natrual. The first primer coat (last coat to remove) will always be the most difficult to remove, but the effort can be rewarded with a unique bass. Good luck
  9. [quote name='everogere' post='541619' date='Jul 15 2009, 09:05 PM']Excellent condition, rack mounted MAG 300 head, will throw in 2U Flight case ( no lids ), Any trail in East Yorkshire, £275 No offers Contact Roger on 01964 625665[/quote] OK OK make me an offer !!!
  10. OK OK make me an offer !!
  11. OK OK make me an offer !!!!
  12. As new Ashdown EVO III 500 watt head, still under warrenty, Any trail in East Yorkshire. £400 No offers Contact Roger on 01964 625665
  13. Super fly head, 250 + 250 watts into 4 ohm, excellent condition, small marks where strap fits. Still boxed with carrying case, strap instructions etc. as new. Any trail welcome in East Yorkshire. £150 no offers. Contact Roger 01964 25665
  14. Excellent condition, rack mounted MAG 300 head, will throw in 2U Flight case ( no lids ), Any trail in East Yorkshire, £275 No offers Contact Roger on 01964 625665
  15. everogere

    Bass Amp Head any suggestions

    I have a Ashdown EVO III 575watts for sale, still under warrenty, I need around £400 for it ?????????? Email me at [email protected] if you fancy it.