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  1. That's great - thank you. 👍 I'll post some pics of the bass here just for ghoulish interest!.
  2. When I was gigging, I used this place: https://www.makingmusic.org.uk/membership-and-insurance/musical-instrument-insurance-plus only because it was easy on the day before a gig. I'm surer there are others out there. I've had to have stuff PAT tested before - sometimes the venue has an electrician who'll do it for you if you sweettalk them Best of luck - good to see live music back in action 👍
  3. I'm guessing mine isn't worth that 🤣 TBH I've no idea on guitars at all and don't know any bass players to even get an estimate. Ebay prices aren't really that reliable - they seem to vary from scalper price to giveaway. Thanks for defending my rookie status! 👍 All the best.
  4. Hi, Sorry if this is the wrong place to post - my first time here. I have a Squier Jazz Bass - 2004 Indonesian model in Sunburst Red. I'm a piano player and was given this one "as you're a musician". TBH I can't seem to get my fingers/brain around guitars of any type! Just wondered how much it generally might be worth? It's great condition with just a few scratches the on the chrome metal plate on the back - presume that's from a belt-buckle. It all works 100% - e.g. no crackles from the controls or the jack port where the cable goes in. Many thanks, M
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