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  1. [quote name='rhysyjob' timestamp='1501882776' post='3348068'] Power supply? [/quote] No. Reverse polarity power cable is supplied.
  2. An excellent tone enhancer, and limiter. Very easy to dial in usable settings, with the flexibility of a mid-shift switch on the EQ dial. Ability to double voltage makes this a tone machine, with the added headroom at 18v, it's an "always on" pedal. It can even be pushed to 24v! I went next level on another compressor, and no longer use this pedal. It's in perfect working condition, and still looks great. Box and reverse polarity power cable supplied. £150 posted. (Edit: be reasonable - this value does not include shipping to countries of considerable distance, and therefore, high costs!!) http://www.ovnilab.com/reviews/diamobass.shtml
  3. [quote name='neepheid' timestamp='1457959689' post='3003319'] A single instance of class D amp didn't work out == all class D amps are crap. Sounds legit. [/quote] Please don't huff, the title was to draw you guys in to have an expository conversation for my (and others) enlightenment. Go suck a lemon!
  4. TheGreek - glad to know somebody hears me! There is no substitute unless you want to spend a shitload on Ampeg
  5. I guess you just can't mess about with bass - go big or go home. I should say I sold a Trace 410 combo to downsize to the bh250. You can imagine my disappointment.
  6. mep - would love to try those, but I picked this up for less than £370 and it's guaranteed top drawer tone
  7. Japhet - like I said, probably my naivety. Just considering the number of good reviews I was led to believe this would hold it's own.
  8. Purchased myself a TC Electronic BH250 and an Eden EX210 cab at Christmas. While initially impressed with the volume, I took this to a large venue for a gig - and then another sizeable room for a jam with 2 guitarists and a drummer. It did not hold it's own. I get this is probably the cheapest class D head out there, but the reviews led me to believe it was more than loud enough for big gigs - probably my naivety. Anybody any good experiences with these amps? This Trace though, absolute powerhouse!!
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