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  1. ... can you do that? I suppose you can, but it not being top B will mess with my head even more than having a B string where a low E should be whe world makes sense.
  2. Chastened and told Bass all the way and I'm already reading posts and starting to get the measure of my own ignorance about things I'd love to know.
  3. Ex guitarist? Errr... I didn't go that far! The reason I have a 5 strings bass is because I think I might be somewhere in betweeen 4 and 6. Bi-stringual, if you need to stick a label on me (flounces off and picks up his ukulele to the horror & confusion of all.)
  4. Oh, go on then.... Must admit, the low B really messes with my head after so many years with a low E. I also must admit, what a nice welcome people get around here!
  5. drippy cat


    Just wanted to say hi. Been playing the squealy 6 strings for decades but fairly recently the bass. I'm beginning to realise just how much fun it is and how much there is to know.
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