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  1. Hi, could you please let me know the cost of your p bass wiring loom?


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      Steve, you have a PM.


  2. As part of a p bass build I purchased some expensive pickups, pots and jack. This was some time ago so I don't remember the make. When I first put it together I couldn't get everything to work properly and so I switched out the pots for some others from a cheep harley benton bass. Everything worked ok but recently I had a bit of an earth buzz so decided to take the pick guard off and have a look. At this point I decided to refit the expensive pots and try and do a better solder job this time. So now, I plug the bass into the amp and get sound but when I turn the volume pot up or down it makes no difference. Testing with a multimeter at the jack and set to 200k resistance I get the following ... With volume down I get infinate resistance ... With volume up I get 10.1 Here comes the voodoo part. Even with the volume down and with infinate resistance I still get the same sound through the amp !!!! I have tried testing it with volume down and plucking a string. Same result. Infinate resistance but its still playing through the amp. How can that be? Next I disconected it from the tone pot in case that was having some effect. Still the same result. Desperate for some help here guys. Thanks in advance. P.S My best guess at the moment is the volume pot is faulty
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