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  1. Eko


    Your absolutely right. The misinterpretation was entirely my own. I’ve already offered an apology to SpondonBassed for my mistake. Thanks for pointing out my misinterpretation. I should know better than to post anything when I’m having a bad day.
  2. Eko


    The failure was entirely on my part. I misread your post and overreacted. One of the risks you encounter with pure text communications. Please accept my apology. I’ll lighten up and do better going forward.
  3. Eko


    I don’t see anywhere that I called it anything, let alone said it’s “quaint.” If I’m to be called out for something I said, I’d think it would only be fair if it were for my actual words. Where I live, “village” implies a community of likeminded people with good manners and a strong sense of community. My comment was solely intended to be taken as warm praise. Going forward I’d hope what I offer as friendly compliments will be less misinterpreted as people get to know me better. 😲
  4. I’d suggest trying a Southampton Fifth Gear V2. Their description of its sound accurately describes what I was hearing with mine: ”The Fifth Gear is our take on a transistor OD which goes from barely-there overdrive to a distortion that toes the line of fuzz. The Fifth Gear can stand out on it's own, but also excels when pushing other pedals, or your amp, that extra bit further.” This pedal won’t give you a buzzsaw or zipper effect. But it will provide a nice degree of sonic complexity along with a touch of grit and edge. Works equally well with guitar or bass, which is a nice feature if you double on both instruments
  5. Eko


    Thank you! Quite looking forward to getting to know my way about the village. Seems a pleasant place. :🙂
  6. Eko


    Not much to tell. I’m a bass player since 1970. Mostly blues, jazz, rock and progrock. Was only a professional musician for a few short years. Now I’m primarily a hobbyist who plays my own music mostly for my own enjoyment. Very happy to have found this forum.
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