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  1. I think guitars are similar to skateboards or 'glass water pipes' as a lifestyle accessory- they can be quite cheap, leap out visiually giving a certain impression, and are small enough to sit there unused, but looking good.

    Shelves full of books, along with record collections have tradionally been used in similar ways- a window into a mind or personality, or just as likely a carefully manicured array of the titles the owner wishes to be seen with, regardless of their actual tastes or opinions.

    Not only has the internet made it less practical to have physical media around, I think it is currently a lot cooler to be seen as a creative and an outsider than particularly well-read or cultured.

    This isn't to suggest that everything in the background of an interview 'means' something, or that everyone is entirely disingenuous in their appearamce, but I think that there are sociological reasons that people have liked to make their library conspicuous in the past, and their guitar/surfboard/tennis racket etc. nowadays.

  2. 33 minutes ago, BigRedX said:

    I look at in in the same way as that old cliché that no no-one notices the bass until it isn't there.

    I think that this is very key. I liken it to my interest in film, which I come to as a complete layman. There are no doubt countless details and techniques employed at every moment of a good film, from the writing to the cinematography, to the lighting and dubbing. I only really notice those things if they aren't quite up to scratch, however! Moreover, I don't really care about those details- as a viewer I just want to experience a good film. However, someone needs to consider those things so that I don't notice them, and I'm glad that they do so that I can come away thinking 'wow, that was a great ride!'.
    Likewise, I choose a lineup, set, performance, and set of sounds not so that a punter might hopefully spot that I've high-passed at the -3db point of the PA, compressed to appx 3db reduction and notched out that 180hz resonance that always plagues that particular room, but that they might to the greatest degree leave the show thinking 'those guys were great!'.

    Just as a punter doesn't need to know how to maintain the pumps and clean the pipes to enjoy a beer, it's our job to get the details as right as possible so that they can have the best over-all experience.

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  3. A 15 doesn't by definition have more low end than a 2x10. It may of course, but it really needs judging on a cab-by-cab basis.
    The 4 10s will probably hold up better under lots of low frequency content than 2 15s, so while it's not the most exciting answer, the cheapest, quickest, and most reliable way to get more low end out of the rig is in your EQ.
    If you're already maxed out and struggling, it's unlikely that the issue lies in the choice of cab, unfortunately!

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  4. 15 hours ago, Downunderwonder said:

    If it has multiple taps and they are labeled 4 and 2 ohm then it will be stressed driving 8 ohms.


    The transformer takes the humungous voltage of the output tubes at low current down to speaker level voltage with much higher current. Putting a higher than expected impedance onto the speaker side of the transformer stuffs up the balancing act.


    I believe the tubes wind up operating a higher than desirable voltage on that side of the transformer.


    Ah, thank you. I thought you meant something different! 👍

  5. 10 hours ago, Downunderwonder said:

    Some valve amps don't drive all out into 8ohm loads without burning up valves and toasting transformers.


    Can you expand on that at all, DUW? It's not something I've come across before- not that I often crank an amp, but if I do it will be into an 8ohm load!

  6. 9 minutes ago, Reggaebass said:

    Not knowing much about ohms and things, would the maths work with a BF big baby 2 and a 100w valve amp, ie would it drive it ok 

    So long as the amp has an 8Ohm output, there's no reason it shouldn't work.

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