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  1. This guy is good https://www.musicteachers.co.uk/teacher/1eb289ca6948317f9200 Lives in Croydon/Purley area. You'll have to ask him what instruments he has available.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Oh cool 👍I will go and find the Wanted section. This is a good website...
  4. That's kind of you Reggaebass - thanks for the thought 🙂
  5. Hi Rb, it's 30.75 inches for the E string
  6. Well yes, you're right, it's a MIJ from Woolies. I know there are going to be limits to how good I can get the tuning and there are a few notes that are never going to sound right - but I don't know where else to find this sound. Other basses will be better for loads of things but this one is just great for Bach and Beatles and I want to make the best of it so thank you for the advice BigRedX, it is all very helpful.
  7. That was really helpful - his description of Rotosound strings speaks exactly to my problems: E string sounds awful, really out of tune at the 5th fret, pitch wanders upwards especially on open strings. Thanks Maude 🙂
  8. Guys thank you for all the replies - really impressed by this community. I only joined a few days ago. I picked the bass up from my Dad's attic last summer. He is nearly 90 and hasn't played it for ages, so the strings can be ancient. They look more round than flat to me, but the sound is really mellow and warm. Perhaps age does that. Everything I've learnt so far tells me I need flats to recreate that sound so I am really pleased to have all the above info. Will let you know which ones I decide on. Much appreciation Silj
  9. It's the E string. It sounds really muddy, so much so that my tuner doesn't recognise it. I'll be deeply happy to keep the others if I can find a good enough match. Thank you for your advice 🙂
  10. Yes I've heard that and I think it's very likely this one came from a Woolies originally!
  11. Thanks - hope these are clear enough. There is no longer a brand logo on the bass, but I know it is by Audition as there is one on Ebay at the moment with its brand logo intact. Not highly valuable, but I really like the sound. It's a shorty by the way.
  12. Hi there, can anyone help me find the right strings? I have a 1960s vintage bass (from that factory in Japan) that I have really come to like. It has a mellow woody boomy sort of sound, quite acoustic/natural in some registers, and the strings are old. I need to avoid metallic sounding, poppy, twangy strings - I want the sound to stay the same and I don't know where to start! All advice gratefully appreciated especially from anyone who has a similar bass.
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