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  1. Hi all! Newbie (to the forum) Dave here! Short Scale PORN!!! I think I must have just died and gone to Heaven (the club in London, that is, not the place with the harps and all that....) Been playing since the Summer of Punk back in 76, I really am that OLD! Still churning out the same (tired old riffs and patterns, amazed that I still get away with it after all these years...) Luuuuurve my Squier Bronco (unfortunate name for a beast of such utter magnificence) and sounds dirty as Hell!!!!
  2. Hi all! Just joined today! 62 yr old punk and reggae bass/vocals, whose somehow managed to get away with bashing out the same old lines since the Summer of 76! First bass was a second hand Fender Musicmaster which I bought (and to my eternal regret) sold back to the same pawn shop! Man's gotta eat/drink/smoke/get tattooed... Fast forward a couple of hundred years and a couple of hundred basses and I'm now reunited with its Great Great Grandson (Squier Bronco). Biggest influences: Bruce Foxton, Paul Simonon, JJ Burnell and Segs. Best advice to any newbies - never, ever let hitting the right notes get in the way of an excellent bit of posing! All fur coat and no knickers - that's my motto!
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