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    STRAY - UK Tour

    WOW! Didn't know STRAY was still around. I'm in the US & I actually bought Saturday Morning Pictures which came out stateside on Mercury. I also bought Houdini in 1976 which came out on Pye records here. Enjoyed both. They may have been the only records released in America. The Groundhogs were almost known in the States as a lot of their stuff was released here.I actually saw theGroundhogs live at the Pocono Rock Festival in the early 70's & they were great! I think T.S. McPhee broke his wrist & the tour got cancelled. Greetings from the USA & don't stop! You'd be surprised what rock collectors pay for those Stray LP's!
  2. I'm Bernie and I'm a long time bassist in the USA.(East coast). Just signed up for an account. Was a professional bassist/vocalist for many years. I'm retired (I'm old.68 years.) but I still get work. Mainly Rock n' Roll/R&B/Rock but other genre's too. Did a lot of road work & was in the house band for A Philadelphia,PA radio show when they went live(WMMR Morning Zoo) in the 80's. Also did the same service in Richmond VA for the Jeff & Jeff show(XL102). Also did house band duties for The Lighter Side of Sports.A TV sports blooper show that was shown on ESPN. Did houseband duties for the infamous Morton Downey Jr. show. Those two were TV shows. That all won't mean too much to you in the UK. I did get to backup a lot of high profile ( or one's on their way down) artists,comedians & even sports(US) figures. Looking forward to being part of Basschat.co. UK! Check my profile for gear info.
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