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  1. That's a pretty smart job for sure, thanks
  2. Yeah the gig bag does look like a rifle bag no you come to mention it (and having compared to my airsoft kit bags). Is Luithier a member here that I might ask abouit a thumb rest? (alternatively, 5mm OD steel tube and heatshrink aren't hard to come by). I'm wary of unscrewing anything on the top pickups (yet) - I guess I'll have to replace the stock screws with slightly longer ones?
  3. That's a very good point there! an ekit can be super compact, and make the transition to acoustic awkward. Setting one up _like_ an acoustic kit will look wierd and spaced out (because you don't have the drum shells to contend with, but will set you in good stead for the transition.
  4. SO, keep in mind at this point I've had it 48hrs: It's more comfortable for me to play sat down than my Ibanez Gio Soundgear, the action's a little higher, which I like, and I like the tuning mechanism. Downsides, no thumb rest and the neck pickup is really low profile so awkward to rest on, the strap button positioning is awkward so its incomfortable to play standing, turning up the master tone I get a horrendous hissing that the Ibanez doesn't do. With just the bridge and neck tones turned up it sounds great. It's got a much fuller sound than my Ibanez too. I like it. Now I need to mod it and add in a thumb rest and an extension arm for the strap button. (Seen both here already) As a compact travel bass, it's great. (so says the newbie player)
  5. Thanks folks, I came here looking for tips on thumb rests on the Steinberger, and found also tips on the strap button too. That's just on day 1!
  6. Hi, I'm a little late to the party, but I'll pitch in anyway. If you have the funds I would advise looking at Roland, the TD17 and TD25 are solid modules. If you're looking at second hand, you can pick up a good TD9 from ebay for a good price. The Alessis kits seem to come in a slightly better price in the beginner level kits Again if the budget allows , look for mesh drum heads as they have a feel and bounce that is closer to an acoustic kit. My drumset is on the first floor, so to insulate everyone below me, I built a 'drum riser' from kids foam playmats topped with loft boards (I'm a tad heavy on the kick drum). When my daughter's downstairs, she still complains I'm "being noisy" when I play. (It's still way quieter than acoustic drums, but you have been warned).
  7. Hi o/ OK I'll say more than that. I'm primarily a drummer, but don't that against me I've drummed since I was 14 (I'm 47 now), a little over 20 years ago (maybe as much as 25 years ago?) I picked up a bass to see if I could get my fingers around a bassline our bassist was having difficulty with when we were recording. (my playing ended up on that demo tape). Off the back of that a friend mine came to me and asked me to stand in as bassist for his band while they found a new one having sacked their previous player. I was still with them when they went into the studio to reocrd an album (Pyridine Piranha by Rooftop Farmers, it's on spotify etc.). I left and wanted to do more stuff as a drummer and largely left the bass alone. I gotmyself into a motorcycle accident a few years ago that's left me with a brain injury, which hampers a few things. Then covid happened, and lockdown (suprrise, right?). Rooftop Farmers decided it'd be cool to record more material (after a 20 year hiatus) so I'm picking up the bass again. I bought myself a new bass more suitable to seated practice and recording at home; a Steinberger Spirit. And then found myself here as I was looking for a few tips on it (which I found in a thread from a couple of years ago). Also I still stream drums on twitch and may add the bass to my routine. So, thats me. Hi o/
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