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  1. Hey Guys.. Bit of MM Porn.. Finally finished my bass room.. This is the current MM part of the walls.. there is a handful and a bit more I couldn't find space for or not in this location..
  2. Nice.! I have one of those but with a Rosewood board.. Those are absolutely fantastic basses.. 👌🏽
  3. Thank you.. 🙏🏽 I dont know what has been on there.. It didnt have it when I sold it the first time around, but had it when I got it back.. In between it had two owners.. What color is yours MM5? 😁
  4. Thank you.. Sweet looking basses.. What happened to the original neck of the 20th anniversary bass? 😁
  5. Hey.. Yes.!.! I was spending way to much working time hanging out in the Dudepit back then... Did you have another Alias back then.? I have 3 Cutlass's left but I have to admit that I dont play them at much as they deserve..
  6. very cool.. 👍🏽 I bet they sound fantastic.! Where does the Status neck decal originate from?
  7. Maybe one more.. 😁 Tony Levin style "peach" colored SR5.. never took the neck of but I bought it like '92, so early one.. Sold it, regretted it, saw it again at a concert, told the guy I would buy it back whenever, 15 years later he called me up.. He changed the PG to the one on these pictures.. I changed the PG back to as close to original as I could find.. updated pictures to follow whenever I get around to it.. 😅 Let me know what you think..
  8. Hey guys.. I am pretty new to this place.. as in, this is my very first post.. ha ha.. GREAT GREAT Musicman basses here.. 👌🏽.. Over the years I have caught one or two myself.. below is one of them.. Ill try to post more later.. Have a great day.. / Palle
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