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  1. In spite of everything I am thinking of buying it. Would you be kind enough to show me step by step how to import your patches into the pedal?
  2. Thanks a lot. What about video tutorials? At least about how to maybe import your patches which are absolutely fantastic. Compliments
  3. Hi, I hope someone has the patience to help me. I would like to buy this beautiful pedal. From what I understand, it is a complex machine, especially if you want to use the editor to create or import patches. The English-only manual would be one more obstacle (at least for me). I would like to ask you a few questions: 1) Would a sound card (komplete audio 6 first version) be sufficient to use the editor? At least to be able to import the patches that many of you make available? Should i buy midi cables only? 2) Is there a video tutorial that explains how to move around the editor for the various operations? 3) Can the Future Impact be used in a pedalboard with other pedals without any problem? And where would it be best to place it in the chain? Sorry for any mistakes but I'm using google translate. Thanks
  4. Hello to all the members of this great forum. I often read you for the topics that are always very interesting and because I find that there are very prepared people. I am writing to you from Italy and using the Google translator, I hope you forgive any mistakes. I have been playing bass since I was 18 and to date the passion has not passed. Thanks
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