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  1. Bought one yesterday! Wonderful full tone and (for idiots like me) no confusing multi effects Id never use. So far, so chuffed πŸ‘ PS Canvas artwork courtesy of the kids 😊
  2. ..and there's the option to return if not 100% happy. Winner winner chicken dinner.
  3. Cheers Reggaebass, Bit steep at Β£3.18 delivered from China, but you only live once eh?
  4. Which string action ruler can you recommend? Something like this? Cheers
  5. I know Im digging up an old thread here, but I'm quite interested in this combo. To be honest, for my needs the Rumble 40v3 would probably suffice, but there isn't a massive hike in price for the 100 (like Β£40ish extra)
  6. ..ooh and thank you @Reggaebass for your very kind offer. I'd feel a bit of a tw*t getting you go to the trouble of going out & posting them to me all for the princely sum of bugger all, but I do appreciate your generosity πŸ‘
  7. Well folks if nothing else I've learnt that there is no right answer to the 'what strings for a P bass?' question. I know that there have been some great recommendations and I really appreciate people taking the time to steer this newbie (I imagine if it wasn't for covid I'd see little response as you'd all be out gigging - every cloud and all that ) Anyhooo, I've ordered a cheap & cheerful set of Fender 7250M's in 45-105 gauge (as that's what the bass has been set up in) and Ill see how I get on with them. Once again, really appreciate your comments & views
  8. It already has 45-105 strings on from the PO and recently had a set up with that gauge so to negate any neck relief shenanigans I'll start there. I'm needing new strings because the A is bust.
  9. Was thinking that very thing Reggaebass. You read my mind. Cheers
  10. I hear ya BB, I have to say I'm enjoying The Beatles at the moment as I have done for 40 odd years (I go through periods where I just dont want to hear them for a while - but they are always THE band), Zeppelin, Floyd, Lizzy, Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan/Fagen etc - to more modern(ish) - Elbow, Radiohead, The 1975. That sorta stuff.
  11. Yeah, its not like they're a fiver a pop so you experiment with loads is it? Must say I hadnt seen that GHS video that @KeOgon posted before. That is very helpful. Maybe I should just dive in with a set of GHS flats 45-105 and take it from there. (until I wake up tomorrow morning and change my mind )
  12. Ooh, it all went a bit weird. TheGreek did indeed ask what tone I was looking for, and I found this really difficult to answer. I then got embroiled in something else and lost the day. Apologies for asking for advice and not responding. Well, what tone am I craving? I honestly don't know. I guess I'll know when I hear/find it. Bands/artists I like aren't all associated with the P bass (though some are), but I wouldn't sound like them even if I possessed the skill & creativity. I guess I just want to try and bond with the bass, plonk along, find a groove, learn some runs and enjoy myself. I do appreciate your recommendations. Like I said earlier, there's so much choice out there it seems a bit daunting and its difficult at the moment to just go out and try stuff, hence me wanting to get a starting point and make my own opinion as I develop. I'll absorb what you guys advise and make an informed choice from there - and let you know which way I wentπŸ‘
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