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  1. Hello everyone No I am not a bassist but was a keen guitarist who occasionally played bass. Not as talented as my bro but deadly keen. Stopped playing in my 30s. Fantastic to see a picture of this bass case when I did a Google search for the Last Chant. Hope you get good use out of the case Sparky. Would have loved to have it back but I have many music souvenirs from him. In addition to music, he was a keen artist and did the cover art for the Run of the Dove. My son has been asking about him hence the Google search to see if we could trace his old band members (still ongoing). Yes he did buy loads of stuff from Probe - as did I. Write more soon.
  2. Hello Mark Brian Ashcroft was indeed in the Last Chant as the bassist. He was left handed. Sadly my brother Brian passed away in 2010 leaving me many good memories. I would be interested in buying the case off you if it is for sale. I bought the Precision Bass for Brian after working in the Middle East for a few years. Nearly died when he painted it matte black. Get in touch if you want to sell. All the best Neal Ashcroft.
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