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  1. Does anyone have experience of this model? I've recently got one new as a present and I use it to record DI. I'm finding that there appears to be artifacts on the recording which are little static like clicking sounds when I hit a note, not all the time, but regular enough to be noticeable. My other bass (an old active Ibanez) doesn't do this. I've tried different DIs and its the same, so I'm thinking it must be the bass. Anyone have any idea what this might be?
  2. Hi there. Used to play bass and sing in a function band (remember gigs?) retired for that years ago. Took up playing bass again recently with other instruments to do recording in our project studio. Mrs BlueBossa bought me a Fender Precision Performer for my birthday and I already had an old Ibanez SDGR. When I did gigs I had a '78 Fender Jazz and a black graphite Status somethingorother (it never went out of tune I remember). I don't own an amp. I've joined to pick up handy tips and share my experience of the new bass.
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