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Fender American Performer Precision Bass

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Does anyone have experience of this model? I've recently got one new as a present and I use it to record DI. I'm finding that there appears to be artifacts on the recording which are little static like clicking sounds when I hit a note, not all the time, but regular enough to be noticeable. My other bass (an old active Ibanez) doesn't do this. I've tried different DIs and its the same, so I'm thinking it must be the bass. Anyone have any idea what this might be?

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Where about are you plucking the strings? I recently changed my right hand technique and initially found that I was touching the pole pieces every so often when plucking above the pickup, which was creating a clicking sound through my amp. If this is it you can solve it by either adjusting technique or just putting a piece of tape over the pole pieces.

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      Up for sale is my custom Fender Jazz Bass. Only reason I am selling is that I’m just not playing it enough and it deserves to go to a home where it will be appreciated. 
      This has a roasted maple Fender Precision neck (MIM) and 20mm string spacing at the bridge - so would be ideal for those of you who like the typical jazz bass tone but don’t get along with a narrow neck. It is also a slapper’s dream!
      Body is 100% Fender (MIM). It is equipped with Hipshot hardware and Seymour Duncan quarter-pounder pickups. Everything was installed by a professional luthier so the overall finish is very good. 
      There are signs of light use/light surface scratches but these are only noticeable on closer inspection. Overall condition IMO is very good indeed (this is backed up by the fact all the parts are from 2020). Happy to provide further pics if needs be.
      I’m looking for £475 and will deliver to the UK for free. Also happy with collection in person (I’m in Surrey).
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      I have decided to move on my Fender Player Precision, as i currently own another Precision & a Jazz bass, making this one surplus to requirements.
      I bought the bass new around April 2019 ( serial number indicates that it was manufactured in 2018 ). The bass is in a good condition, although it has been gigged in the past, so has suffered a couple of small dings which i've tried to show in the photos. One small ding to the upper half of the body, a slight indentation on the headstock, plus there's a slight scuff mark on the neck plate. None of these affect the playability of the bass in any way.
      The bass comes with a padded Fender gig bag, & the tools it came with. It is currently fitted with Dunlop strap locks which i'll keep on, & i'll supply the locking mechanism to go onto the strap, so you're ready to go. The original Fender strap pins that came with the bass will also be included in case you want to swap back.
      Happy to courier in the UK only at buyers expense / risk, although cash on collection is always king.
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      Hi all!
      I’ve found a guy who wants to trade my AO Precision ‘60 with is Yamaha TRB 5pII (made in Japan).
      The bass should be in excellent condition, at least according to the pics he sended me, while mine is in perfect condition (bought new in March 2020).
      We reached this agreement: his TRB + 200€ (on my behalf) for my Precision.
      So the question: what do you think about this trade? Should I’ve asked a little bit more?
      He values his bass 1500€; the price seems to be accurate with the others I’ve found on the web.
      Thanks 😄
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