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  1. hi, on hold I assume means someones buying it. if youre getting no joy pm me (big thumbs up)
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  3. For the bass genius of the funk era (keeping things simple and leaving lovely gaps) Early Tower of power Early Commodores (Funky situation, Brick house, ill play the music) Where the drummer had a go, the guitarist had a go and they all swapped round for Brick house, hilarious Early AWB where Alan Gorrie and Hamish Stewart took turns on Bass Natural funk that cant be taught, Steely Dan on youtube explaining Kid Charlemagne bass by Chuck Rainey isolated and studied ….stunning with the drums.
  4. Hi there everyone, Just joined after almost swapping out my Stingray for the modern roasted one. From a musical family going back a while, drums, bass, bit of vocals here and there. Love my stingray 20th anniversary heavy old lump, always keeping my eye open for a preferred 4 string model I love most stuff but have been heavily influenced by little feat, the band, steely Dan but ive always loved anything from disco to funk to country so long as the feels good. favourite bass players...… louis Johnson (not cos of the thumb) but cos he was a lovely player when he played straight too, Kenny Gradney before Lowell stopped influencing him......Bernard Edwards obviously.... and all the hidden Gems that were done by TM Stevens when he was doing his party pieces .... too many too list. Thanks for letting me Join, look forward to tips tricks and a good read here and there !
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