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  1. I'm selling this beautiful bass!! MINT CONDITION, I've only done a couple of rehearsals! The bass weights 3.9kg, super low action and well balanced! The color is amazing, just see the photos! It comes with an SKB case and all the accesories (strap locks, keys for setup...) I'm not interested in trades!
  2. Hi everyone!! I'm selling this amazing Jazz! It's a really short run from the Fender Custom Shop. It weights 4kg and it includes all the case candy and accessories. Low action and a really nice nitro finish. I change the original pots for a CTS pots (obviously I include the original ones) These were changed because the original tone pot suddenly stop working. So I went to an authorized Fender store and Official CS supplier here in Barcelona (www.tubesoundbcn.com) and put a new fresh set of CTS pots just in case any other was damaged too. This Jazz is as never went out of home! Mint condition. I hope to found him a new family!! Don't doubt to send me your questions! PS: I’m not interested in trades! SOLD!
  3. Hi Noisyjon!! First of all, thanks for your advise! I really understand! Everything is photographed!! As you can see in the the photos, there's an extra hole to put the thumbrest in that position if you want! As I said in the post too, it comes with a Lindy Fralin hum-canceling pickup plus the original pickup. The reason is becouse with the original pickup the bass had this 60hz cycle wich makes a lot of noise and buzz. There's anything more with that bass! I'm sorry if I confused anybody. I'm happy to answer any questions you have!!
  4. Hiii!!! I'm selling this amazing bass!! Super rare!!!! It weights 3.4KG, BY FAR the lightest bass I've ever played! It comes with all the certificate, Fender CS strap, cloth...and all inside an amazing CS Limited edition case!!! Also it comes with a Lindy Fralin hum canceling pickup! No more buzz issues!! I can ship to all Europe!!! Pbass 55.mp4
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