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  1. Thankfully I've been playing guitar for 15 odd years and know my way around a setup, shouldn't be too alien for me. It's been posted today so should land in a couple of days!
  2. I'm having flashbacks to when I built my first parts guitar. All advice well-heeded. It shall remain as is! Glad you guys like the pickups that are in there.
  3. Thanks for the reply! I’m pretty chuffed, paid £220 for it.
  4. So I've been looking for a recording P for a while and this little beauty popped up! It's already had some things done, just wondered if you guys think I should look into replacing the bridge and tuners? Edit: I just realised, he's already replaced the stock bridge!
  5. I waited and waited and it paid off! Leapt on this when it'd only been up an hour or less: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2017-Squier-Precision-Bass-Fiesta-Red-Significant-Upgrades-Tonerider-Etc/303558072369?hash=item46ad789831:g:By0AAOSw-9lerswo
  6. Thanks! Oh god, intonation issues on a studio bass? No thank you. Didn't know they had a floating bridge. Unfortunately, as above, I fall in love with everything. I think this is one to play safe.
  7. I assume you're apologising because you panic-bought all of them? It's nuts what you can get for £130 nowadays!
  8. That's my plan exactly! Thanks for the input. I feel that way too. The Squier is 400 new to my door, 600 on the Greco. Not a small leap!
  9. That's what I'm leaning towards. Also, love the hustle. If I buy the Squier, consider it done.
  10. I'm over here from the 6-string dark side. I'm looking for a studio bass and I'm completely, utterly, conflicted. In one corner we have this very familiar sight, a nice Squier P. The very definition of 'it'll do the job!'. Will probably need to spend extra to get some flats on it too. In the other corner, I've stupidly fallen in love with this, like I seem to do every MIJ instrument. Either would be going DI into some nice preamps. I play alternative, slower, whinging music and love the thumpy old school sound. Half of my brain is saying "don't be a Richard, just buy the Squier and be done with it." while my other hemisphere is begging me to get something with some more """"""""mojo"""""""". Any input would be wonderful, thank you guys.
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