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  1. my band did this during the lockdown too... every one of us is now in some other city, so we recorded the sound separately - i recorded the bass to logic and then i sent this wav to our leader... he did just some easy mixing and mastering and then every member of our band (we are just three) made three or more videos and our leader put it together in some free app... i think that to record video and sound separately is much better... you can check it here: we say that it is an officially non-official video... it looks quite cheap and somehow it was our target a bit, but i find it quite funny....
  2. Hi guys! Glad to be a part of basschat! I've been playing Fender Deluxe for few years, but i just bought Ken Smith BT5 a month ago... and also I made my old Squier fretless.... You can check my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCijvGlsFXYp8UH2mp0dooVg Keep groovin'!
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