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  1. This is a real shame. I've had a chowny fuzzster on back order from andertons for the past 6 months and was just informed it has been discontinued. Looks like the coolmusic clone is now the only option.
  2. Absolutely shameless That's a good point, but still difficult to try things side-by-side without a massive outlay! That's really good to know. Thanks to all for your input/advice
  3. Thanks for the quick responses and the wealth of knowledge. Darn it, I knew I'd end up with more on my list. TBF, I'm not enjoying the styling of the fender combos, though! Just what I was thinking 👍 Good advice, thanks! That sounds awesome! Right, now to decide whether to wait out this lockdown or get impatient and just pull the trigger on one of these. I don't suppose any music retailers do 'try before you buy' at home? Cheers!
  4. Hi all, welcome to my first post on basschat, I'm looking for a little buying advice. I'm in the market for a new head/cab or combo setup so I can be heard over our drummer. We play mainly rock, some classic and some heavy. Budget around ~£650 total. Ideally I'd like something to replace my practice amps (orange crush 25bx and roland micro cube) so I can find the setup I like at home and take it straight to practice/gigs. We only do small pub gigs, so was thinking 300w - 400w would be about right. I also need this to be light, so the more modern 'neo' stuff is quite likely. I have made a shortlist and at this point would usually try to find some music centres to try some gear out. With the COVID-19 lock down, this isn't possible. So I'd love to hear people's thoughts if they have had the opportunity to compare any of the following... Combos: Mark Bass CMD121h - would the amp suit my music style? TC Combo450 (S/H) - worried about the weight Cabs: Trace Elliot 2x8 - love the size and weight of this, but I doubt the elf would be able to get this to the sound levels I need. Would a larger amp push this to its full potential? Mark Bass TRV 121H or 121HR Hartke Hydrive HD210 Heads: Trace Elliiot Elf - really concerned this won't be powerful enough, but love the size/weight TC BH550 or BQ500 Bugera Veyron - currently a silly price on bax-shop.co.uk, how does it compare with the others? (https://www.bax-shop.co.uk/bass-guitar-amp-head/bugera-veyron-m-bv1001m-bass-guitar-amplifier-head) Any comparisons, thoughts or love/hate stories would be appreciated. What would you pair up for a good rig with that tone/weight/power sweet spot? Thanks!
  5. Hi Nemesis, I'm potentially interested in the combo. Whereabouts in Norfolk are you? Not sure I could justify a trip as essential during this lockdown, though!
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