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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. If you ever want to sell, let me know. Cash waiting.
  3. LOL. I sold one of the wife's to buy it in the first place so its only fitting...
  4. If a customer wants to sort out collection and delivery and insure the bass in transit, then I will ship to anywhere.
  5. Those Basses in the picture are beautiful. What are they?
  6. Ive never been a fan of maple or rosewood fretboards but thats just my choice. It's great that basses come in all shapes and sizes. Dont know who mentioned a brazilian rosewood fretboard. Not me.
  7. I have a SWB-1 in Blue and a Fender Mustang. There are obviously smaller than the Moollon and easier for me to move around and hold with my shoulder. I also have a TC Electronic SpectraDrive and that makes the sound of these two basses incredible. I would say a must have for ANY bass.
  8. I went for the ebony fretboard as it give a richer, smoother sound plus looks nicer in my opinion. Nice to chat with another Moollon owner.
  9. It's an addiction. We need a concealing group ha,ha.
  10. SOLD This P Bass Moollon was hand made for my 50th Birthday (2 years ago). I had it designed to replicate my First ever Fender Jazz I had when I was 12. My tone preferences have moved from Jazz bass to P Bass so I had it built with a P bass body and a Jazz bass neck (with Ebony Fretboard) on the bass for a more comfortable play. If you've done your homework on Moollon's then you will know the neck is a dream to play. If you’ve every played a Moollon you will understand the sound and build quality. Only a hand build instrument sounds this good. No mass produced Fenders here…. With only a hand full of Moollon's made each year and a waiting list of 12 months, these basses are a sort after rarity. There is a slight mark on the bass where some lacquer has come away but its only cosmetic and easily fixed. Comes with a Moollon moulder flight case. Im wanting £1,500, no offers as this is a fantastic price for such a beautiful bass guitar. Collection only from Blackpool unless you want to sort out insured collection and delivery, then Im willing to send anywhere. Would love to see your face when you play this beautiful creation. Im only selling this bass as my right shoulder is permanently dislocated now so short scale bass is the way to go for me.
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