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  1. Well lets see how it goes first, im thinking it will probably sound okay, im not expecting perfect results but if it does the job then thats all that matters. The problem buying used is getting something i want thats local for a good price. Ive looked on facebook market place and ebay, non of which i can find any cabs in my area used for a good price.
  2. Hey everyone. This cab is actually sold as a kit on ebay pre cut and ready to be put together. The reason i decided to purchase this kit is because its fairly small for a 4x10 and it was going to be cheaper to buy the kit than it would have been to buy a cab, the amp i would mainly be using with this cab is a kustom DE300HD head which is 300w at 4ohms minimum, i was originally after a 6x10 but couldn't find any kits or cheap cabs, and as i dont have the tools to make my own i decided to go for a 4x10 kit. The design for this cab is going to be based off an ampeg svt cab with black vintage looking grill cloth and black tolex. Though i could cover it in purple carpet like my last cab i built, which was a 2x15 cab made out of thin ply, i based it off of the hartke 2x15 xl which i put 2x15 eminance delta 15a drivers which actually sound alright in the cab, the cab vibrates on some notes but i fixed most of that by adding studio foam to the interior.
  3. Any chance you could send me the link to the post?
  4. Hey guys, im building a 4x10 cab with no horn but im not sure what speakers to use, if someone could help me out and tell me what speakers would be the best to use that would be great, the amp im using is rated at 300w @ 4ohms minimum power, 18mm Hardwood Ply Cabinet from 18mm Softwood Ply Cabinet panels. Complete cab dimensions Width 584 mm Height 602 mm Depth 246 mm
  5. Personally i use a trace elliot AH400SMX with a trace elliot 1048H which is a 4x10 cab with horn, it seems to have a nice tone to it, only downside is its 48kg plus the amp head weighs 28kg. If you dont mind the weight then the old trace cabs are really solid and you can pick them up fairly cheap too. You could also try a trace elliot 2x10 cab, and maybe add a trace elliot 1x15 too theyre both fairly light cabs and sound great together, perfect clarity and low end.
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  7. Does anyone know where i could possibly get some capacitors for my early 1980's Trace Elliot AH250 the earth continuity light is permenantly lit when the amp is on, i noticed that the capacitors are grounded to the casing so maybe replacing the capacitors might fix this problem. The ECI light also flickers for a split second when the fan speed or uv light is switched. Ive tried looking for visible earth faults on the board but there doesnt seem to be any, ive also cleaned all of the solder conections too. Ive also tried swapping power leads and plug sockets and im still stuck with this problem. If anyone could help me track down this problem then that would be great.
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  10. Thanks for your help everyone, Ive managed to find a Trace Elliot AH 400 SMX in good condition with black light.
  11. Hi, I'm interested in this amp. Is it still for sale?
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  13. Hello, does anyone know where I could get a good condition Trace Elliot AH350 SMX head ,mounted in original case with UV light? Would really appreciate it if someone could help me track down one of these. Cheers.
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