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  1. Damn, that's a real shame. When you are on the hunt for a Special in sparkle edition (4 or 5) with a slight preference for the charcoal and you see this passing. I checked multiple sites and unfortunately this is also where Brexit hits in, I would need to pay another 21% taxes and a customs clearance. Good luck mate.
  2. Hello, I decided to put up my D-bird for sale. I live in Belgium. I received it in april after a 15 month wait. I somehow do not get really connected with the bass and pick other ones I have in the house for playing, rehearsing and gigging. This bass is in a immaculate condition, included are two sets of Dingwall strings and a high quality bassbag (very sturdy) As everyone probably knows, this bass cannot be ordered anymore due to another company filling complaints everywhere. Bass is passive, volume, 4 way PU selector, and tone. Included are as well the straplocks (sunk in holes on the back). Set for E-A-D-G strings. Can be used for B-E-A-D as well (nut needs adapted a bit for the bigger string gauge and a turn on the trussrod) If any questions, do not hesitate to shoot. I am not open for trading. I will buy a complementary Spector LT.
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