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  1. They are finally sending a new one, it took some time because he needed som reassurance from the insurance company before sending it. but I will receive a new one this week!
  2. Yes, its their responsibility, they are a bit slow with responding and haven't offered me a refund or to send me a new one. but I'm giving them a chance to fix this before I claim a refund through paypal.
  3. Hello bass friends, I ordered a new bass amp on the 18th of September, however when my package arrived with DPD on the 24th it was empty, someone had opened the box in transit, stolen the amp, and re taped the box. this was a GSS 06B400 from Guitar Sound Systems, it was shipped with Colissimo from France and then with DPD to the UK. This is a small brand and not many of these amps are out there. if anyone see one coming up for sale, please let me know. serial number: B0100094E1411SP1407B1409P1409 Thanks.
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