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  1. First, decide on the purpose, why do you need this? Just to spend the money? Try it in a music store, if they seem good to you, then of course buy. The exact opinion of these strings can only be done by you. From my own experience I can say that I did not notice the difference for myself. My standard strings were torn on my favorite Luna Guitars there will be a description if anyone is not up to date with this model. I replaced them with others that I was advised, in the end they turned out to be terrible, I had to buy standard ones again and then everything became good.
  2. Also looking for a similar program. I didn’t even wonder what such could be O_o
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    I have long wanted to get to such a forum. I've been playing for about half a year, but there was no one to ask my stupid questions. Therefore, I had to understand it myself and watch training videos. He walked in a difficult way, by trial and error. I hope with the help of this forum I can find answers to my questions and find like-minded people. Do not be strict. He hugged everyone!
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