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  1. there is one very slight ding not noticeable (behind the 12th fret not on the edge) ....and NO I would never paint a guitar or a guitar part ever...if you saw my DIY skills you would understand why........that's the way it came when I bought it 1984, I was surprised myself as I never saw red ones before, but hey they work...Schaller's Phil
  2. here are photo's of case..not sure how best to show neck profile use my thumb as a measure?
  3. Will do just been busy, the case shows lots of wear (in and out of van and gigs) and the handle broke in the first week (roadie again) so it's replaced with a leather one, not a great replacement but all I could find.....I'll take some photo's tomorrow afternoon and send to you. Also of the back of the neck, your correct it has never needed to be adjusted, it's solid and straight. Kind regards Phil
  4. No the truss rods are below the fingerboard same as a Rickenbecker the profile is the same as a single truss rod, my camera lens shows every speck of dust. regards Phil
  5. Hi Rick, yes, it's beautiful, let's hope someone will want to make an offer....Phil
  6. Beautiful hand made by JD and totally refurbished last month by John himself, Brass all re-polished and lacquered set up for 105-45 gauge, everything cleaned and checked and set up. I have the original red flight case (ABS) Its a Custom Shop with dual truss rod (first one with this fitted) so no issues. Some small dings and marks nothing noticeable (Thanks Roadies) as expected in a near 40 year old bass. It has been well looked after even John commented on how well it's been taken care of. Sound just fantastic but I no longer gig due to health so it should go where it will be played more. Frets etc perfect as it jas just been refurbished. Collection only West London. Phil
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