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  1. Thank you all so much for replying. I have just been very jammy and picked up a new Fender Rumble 100 for £250! I cannot wait to do some bass practice through a proper amp rather than through my 15w Stagg guitar amp!
  2. Hello I'm new to bass playing and so far have been practising using a 15w guitar amp and doing gigs using borrowed bass amps or through the PA, neither situation being ideal! I haven't got a clue what I'm talking about so I'm looking for simple advice on whether its possible to get the following for under £300. An amp that isn't too bulky or heavy for me to lug to gigs as I'm not strong, I have a smallish car and quite often there is a child in a car seat in the back so I need to be able to get my bass and amp in the boot of the car. It doesn't need to have loads of effects, in fact the simpler the better. I'm never going to be a great player. My aim is just to provide a clear, rhythmic functional bass line to a small band (most often lead singer, backing singer x2, guitar, keys, cello, bass). We occasional do gigs in large venues but for these we have a sound guy and my bass will be put through the PA. So I'm looking for an amp that will be powerful enough for gigs in smaller venues (audience of 60 people in a village hall for example, or in a pub) but not break the bank as money is tight at the moment as a musician in Covid times... I've looked at the smallers Ashdowns but they seem heavy (22kg I think?) and Fender Rumbles. Also seeing Laney and Peevey crop up. I'd love a bit of advice on any particular amp that might fit the bill. Thanks
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