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  1. We are donating all money to nordoff robbins so all good. m
  2. A few tickets left get in touch for more info!
  3. This is still on guys! All proceeds going to Nordorf Robbins.
  4. Hi - Thank you for your Facebook message this morning, we are currently reaching out to the gambling commission and we will work with them on a solution, if it’s simply just not possible then everyone who has entered will be refunded. Cheers M
  5. Thank you to all who came out 💪🏼
  6. We are going to have the legendary Stuart Zender with us on Sunday so come on down 😊
  7. We have the ex Entwistle rig here if anyone wants to grab a selfie with it ;)
  8. That’s the address We will be doing it from 2-5 ish m
  9. Come on down, we are having our first bass bash here at the shop on the 6th October, 2-5pm tea and coffee available, and maybe some biscuits and donuts 😏 hope to to see some of you guys there M
  10. Cheers, yeah we recognise that guy! haha ;)
  11. Beautiful bass, do you have any sound clips?
  12. Any of you guys using our stuff out there? M
  13. Hi Guys, we are currently updating our website and we are looking to get any reviews of previous experiences with us this can be the spray shop, the leds, pickups or Enfield basses, pictures would be amazing too and with your permission we would be sharing these up on our website M
  14. We had a great day, I’ll be posting more pictures as soon as I’m at my computer we even had the great Stuart Zender amongst the guys who showed up
  15. So the opening is tomorrow at 2, hope to see some of you guys there
  16. That’s a shame Rich, I’ll be putting up pics and video from the day though
  17. Nice one Owen, you should come down to the shop and check some bits out when you get a chance
  18. Thanks for the responses guys, hope to see some of you down there
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