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  1. Lol I'd got a funny proposal from greg1234, 600 pounds for the thumb, is he the new Benny Hill ? So the bass is gone, sold, etc.... Be careful with this guy.
  2. I have a buyer, waiting for payment.
  3. Beautyful Wick and a good guy !
  4. No sorry, I need cash to the new one. But try on mp maybe I can love at first sight
  5. Hi, I put on sale with regret my Thumb (the bass not my body )... Why leave her, I cannot play it anymore, even it's a 34", her wonderful little body gives me the impression of playing on a 35" (and i'm not very tall), that cause me too much pain in the left wrist. And I have the opportunity to make a bass with a luthier (a friend) who will fit me . She (not it) has always been well cared, her body waxed with love (and wax) and her sleeve is polished and nourished with sweet almond oil. I upgrated it with a Noll preamp (Tcm3 B2015) and I took the opportunity to passed her on 18v for more headroom, and the mic was changer for crel jb52 passive. Suffice to say that she purrs as well as claw (cost of change arround the 400€). Emg mics (active) and preamp will of course be included with. The flight case (an old one will be supplied with but one of the closing has signs of weakness. I can of course send it at the expense of the buyer.
  6. Hello everybody, I'm a new basschater, from Dijon , Burgundy. I love music (you're surprised, isn't it ) and I play bass guitare, not very well, but not like a guitare player (I'm not here to imitate them). My gear : db751, warwick SS1 and a thumb nt5 ( I sell it unfortunately...) I'm not very good for the blah blah but if you have any questions I would be happy to answer you !
  7. Just a regular guy who love bass

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