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  1. Hello you beasty bass beasts ;o) I just got me a very nice 79 Sabre bass, but there is one thing I do not understand with the out-of-phase switch : if it is true all it does is putting the 2 pickups out of phase, as described, then why the hell does the tone change when flicking this switch with either the bridge or the neck pickup soloed ? Sure enough, and as many claim here and there in the forums, the out-of-phase is not very usable with both pickups selected because of the overly thin sound - but ! - with either the front or the rear pickup soloed, the so-called out-of-phase switch actually does something quite nice to the tone, making it sound a bit like a fretless / upright bass. So I am wondering what that switch really does ...unfortunately there does not seem to be much information around about this topic. And also, does anyone know whether the Sabre pickups are wired in series (like the Sterling) or parallel (like the Stingray) ? Cheers !
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