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  1. I went with a set of Geezer Butlers in the end...👍
  2. So whilst I sit at home bored out of my skull I was looking at one of my Basses and started to wonder what options there are for making an improvement. What do you reckon to the EMG solderless P bass pickups? I’ve got a Dean with EMGs on and I love the sound.
  3. Cheers matey, just did mine, it’s really easy👍
  4. Not yet, I’ve got one and keep forgetting, I get about 2hrs into rehearsals and I’m done in normally🤣
  5. I did wonder which bass you were on about 😆 The sound is fantastic....just bloody heavy!
  6. The reason I got it was i was playing in a Doom Metal Band with a much more rounded sound and this was perfect, ironically I never got it back from setup before I left🤣 As far as I’m aware it’s all Bartolini circuitry but I’m not 100% sure.
  7. Yes, it’s active but nothing like as aggressive as my other basses on EMGs. The decal is deffo fake I’ll have a look and see if I can find any numbers👍
  8. Nice one, it does look like that👍
  9. I got this off eBay last year as I didn’t have a five string, It needed a bit of work to get it set up properly but it’s now become my go to. I know it’s a bitsa but what do you reckon it’s been made up from?
  10. The songs amazing, I just can’t play it🤣
  11. Whitesnake- Fool for your lovin....dear god it’s making me feel sick just thinking about it🤮
  12. Cheers guys, I’ve got some on the way now👍
  13. My lad has posted mine into my cab, I’ve managed to rescue most of them but am missing a few, any ideas where I can get replacements?
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