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  1. I bought Paul's Precision bass and can support all the positive comments in this thread. Good photos and comms. Friendly reception. Straightforward transaction. Thanks!
  2. MarkE

    Hi y’all

    Hi all. Mark here introducing myself. I last played with anything like regularity back in the late eighties. R&B, pub rock, some ska influenced stuff. All for fun and nothing very serious. I hung up my bass when kids and family and work took over. i started out with a short scale Burns bass dating back to the early sixties. It was a dreadful thing with very high action. Scarey what it would be worth now. Sold it and bought a Shergold Marathon in 79 which had a great neck if a bit neck heavy. Now I am on the verge of retiring and the nest is almost empty I am thinking of having another go. i was always a bit of a trial and error bluffer. Maybe this time I’ll try and learn to play properly.
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