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  1. Hora has a u2b video about their slim DB. I guess that is the same one sold by Thomann.
  2. I thought any double bass would fit upside down on passenger seat of most cars. If the neck does not detach, it is the same hasttle for flights. Less weight to carry to/fro the car is the only positive factor I see here, which would be much appreciated by my sore back. Although I use Bass wheels, sometimes it is necessary tro lift, daily climb up stairs to my home studio, stages, etc.
  3. Hello, I have chased a Kolstein Busetto for a while. What I tink I need is a travel bass to use plugged to an amp. I saw the pictures. I got curious about another travel accoustic upright bass also shown in the pictures. Iwas wondering if you could tell a bit about her. Cheers and Merry X Mas, Bruno Maia .'.
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