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  1. Hey all, so I just got off of my first gig with this amp (it's absolutely killer by the way, had to save up after quite a few gigs in order to get it) and I had an accident with it while packing up. I placed the amp in the Darkglass carrying bag on top of my cabs (about 5 feet from the ground) and it took a tumble when someone knocked into it. It was an outdoor gig, so it fell onto cement. It only has a small dent, which I'd be fine with, but it actually inhibits the ability to use the mute button (some would say the most important part of the amp). I was wondering if any of you in the New York area know where to get these amps serviced, and whether or not those places would do a repair like this. Included are two pictures with the dent, and you can see how it throws the panel out of alignment. Thank you for reading this, any and all help is appreciated. (P.S. I'm an electrical engineering college student so keeping the cost down of the repair would be awesome so I can afford textbooks next semester. Thanks again)
  2. Hey guys, so a few weeks back I ordered an ashdown abm 1200 from reverb and used it on a couple of gigs and I didn’t have any problems. I was at a gig tonight and the amp started smoking and crackling, then I saw some sparks and a small fire that put itself out through the vents. It looked like the fire came from the inductor coil. It also won’t turn on anymore, now that I got it home. Luckily I had a Darkglass DI box that I ran through with in ears for the rest of the night. Anyone else have this problem with any ashdown amps/this one in particular? Also, I know that this is a UK based website, but I’m in New York, so if anyone could point me in the direction of an authorized ashdown repair shop that’d be wonderful. Thank you for reading.
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