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  1. Hi everybody! I'm selling my Status S2 Classic, 5-String, fretless, bolt-on, headed bass. I'm selling it, because fretless is just not for me and I prefer to play my other two fretted Status basses. So this one is just lying around and that's a pitty. The specs are: S2 classic, 5-string, bolt-on, plain fretless, headed, black phenolic fingerboard standard string spacing (18mm), 35'' scale, Facing-wood: maple, Back-wood: Mahagony, Tone-block: Walnut, Veneer: red, Finish: natural 2 x Soap-bar pickups, Board 302, Hardware: Gold, Custom options: Figurd Maple, Plain Fretless with Custom "Wrap-Round" Side Markers The original Status hard case is included together with the original tools and keys for the hard case. I'm the first owner and I bought the bass back in 2009 directly from Status. As you can see on the pictures there is a Roland GK-3B pickup/controller installed with screws on the bass. I used the bass (mostly at home) together with my Roland VB-99 system, so that's why the GK-3B pickup/controller is installed. Maybe you will not like that, but it's there, and if I remove it there will be holes of course, so I think it's a better idea to keep the GK-3B on the bass, and maybe somebody will even have a use for it. There are marks on the fretboard as I play roundwound strings, but I think not too many as this bass was played very little in general. Currently there are new Elixir Nanoweb Super Light strings mounted (40-125). The bass is located in Germany. Shipping is possible of course. Cheers!
  2. Roland VB-99 V-Bass System with original Roland VB99 bag, Roland PDS-10 stand and a still unpacked Roland GK-3B devided pickup/controller. Bought new in 2009. Barely used, so all the sound presets are still untouched and in very good condition. Also included is the original AC Adaptor PSB-1U, the GKC-5 cable (5 meters), the short jack cable to connect the bass signal to the GK-3B controller and the printed manual in german Not included is the USB cable and the RRC2 cable to connect the VB-99 to the FC 300 midi foot controller. There is a little scratch on the VB-99 below the GKC cable connector and the plastic of the GKC cable connector splitted a bit (as shown on the pictures). But everything functions perfectly like on the first day. The VB-99 system was connected to my Status S2 classic 5 string fretless bass which will be subject to another topic. The items are located in Germany, but shipping should not be a problem. Cheers!
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