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  1. Hi agedhorse

    Hoping for some advice. I've a Genz-benz Shuttle Max 9.2 that I've gigged about 4 times a week for the last 8yrs.

    Recently when turning it on its silent for about 10 (heart stopping) seconds then it quickly ramps up to normal operation. 

    I'm thinking worn out capacitors? Whatcha think? 

    If I keep using it like this will it damage it or simply just get worse? 

    (Its my favourite ever amp that has unbelievable headroom, it does super clean for double bass, warm full and wet for my '70's P bass with flats, mega punchy for my 5st jazz and makes my EUB growl for ever! - I've played lots of other amps and for me it's just superb). 

    Hoping for advice. 

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