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  1. Bought Warwick Thumb from Nicco. Bass is amazing, shipped safely to Poland. Nice guy to chat to also. Thanks!
  2. Hi! Here are my 2 'Wicks - 2008 Corvette $$ 5 + 2003 Thumb 5 BO.
  3. I found this 2 sites to be very helfpul: Spector World Spector Fan Community
  4. Hello all! Did anyone of you replace your tuners with some other brand? I'm not really satisfied with the stock ones, both in my Thumb and Corvette... But Schaller tuners in my 2005 Spector Euro are rock solid! So I'd like to go with them mayby. Has anyone tried Schaller M4 90 (Light) tuners? What are your opinions? I've read that Hipshot Ultralite are recommended, but unfortunatelly they are out of my price range... Will those Schallers fit into Warwick bass? Link
  5. Hello everybody! I've been playing bass for about 15 years with some breaks... Mostly metal stuff, but now I'm getting more bored with it and searching for something new to improve my skills:) I currently play in a power/heavy metal band Titanium from Poland - https://www.facebook.com/Titaniummetal. I also have a channel on YT with covers & some gear tests, but haven't uploaded stuff recently - https://www.youtube.com/user/saimonbas I'm looking forward to learn something about different playing styles & cool gear! My current equipment: Spector Euro 5 LX, Warwick Corvette $$ 5, Ibanez RB 850, Darkglass Vintage Deluxe, Darkglass B7K Ultra, Ampeg SVT 7, 2x Gallien Krueger 212 MBE cabs, Ampeg BA 108 for home practise. Nice to meet you all!
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