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  1. I’m about to pick up an Orange OB1-500 and are considering various cab options . I have been looking at the Ampeg SVT classic 410HLF and wondered if anyone has any experience of pairing these two together. I’m mainly playing pub and mid size venues and occasional outdoor festivals so also wondering if this rig is right for where I’m playing . Cheers
  2. Sounds great, north west bound if they are planning another
  3. Thanks , that’s some great info / advice for me to consider and use whilst looking around .
  4. Cheers for your replies , the band play mainly indie covers , roses , smiths, Courteeners etc budget wise I was looking at around 1k for amp and cab(s) I like the Orange clean sound but not sure I’d have much use for the dirtier sound that the OB1 can give . The Gk combo is very lightweight for what it is so don’t want to go too heavy as I tend to use the car for practices/gigs
  5. swill1971

    Combo help

    I’m about to advertise my Gk Mb 210ii combo which is 18 months old , never let me down and gigged in pubs/clubs and DI’d in outdoor festivals without a problem . Great combo which ticked all the boxes for me .
  6. Would really like some advice if possible, been playing in a covers band for 2 years and hoping to upgrade my equipment as playing bigger venues and festivals. im currently using the GK Mb 210ii combo and looking to replace with amp and cab . I’ve been searching around for past 6 months and it’s a bit of a minefield trying to make the right choice. I’m keen on the Orange Ob1 and the mark bass little mark 3 and then there’s the cab options ?? I know it’s a bit of a million dollar question, but not having a massive experience I’m hoping there could be some good advice out there before making the right choice . Thanks for any help/advice that you can pass on
  7. Thanks for all your advice, really really helpful. Did fancy the Ashdown series but very mixed reviews, leaning to the MB range to be honest , thanks again
  8. Can anyone help me through this minefield ?? Relatively inexperienced as a bass player and struggling to make decisions on a new amp. I play in a 5 piece covers band and I have been using the Fender 100 rumble combo. Seemed to be coping well at first, especially going through the PA, since then guitarists have upgraded their gear and feel my amp is struggling with the might of their Marshalls . We play decent sized pubs/clubs on the small to medium size. Its easy , I'll upgrade my equipment, or so I thought.......... another better Combo or start to build myself a decent bass rig ?? Hence the minefield .... 300w ? 500w? what Cab would be suitable ?? Looking at a budget of maybe £400-£600 If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated
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