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  1. Ok thanks for that romeo2 it’s up for £650 with offers thanks for your time and effort
  2. It’s up for sale I have listed as gmr as this is what it was so,d to me no nothing wrong with it at all the bridge and tuning pegs are Warwick
  3. It’s been suggested it could be a mayones fame if not gmr bass
  4. Hi all I have bought this bass a year ago as a gmr bass and now I’m trying to find out if it’s definitely a gmr bass as there’s no logo or ident that I can’t find anyhelp much appreciated the furniture is Warwick don’t know if that helps or has it been changed by previous owner? can find any details about gmr basses on web for help and if what model is it cheers buckaroo
  5. Have you still got it for sale I see it’s gone off eBay ? I messaged you the other day on there about p+p
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