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  1. Here is a listing for you to consider:


    Good luck.

    1. Lutz


      Many thanks :crigon_04:

    2. Basschip


      You're welcome.

  2. Basschip

    Searching Steinberger XL-2 bass 1984

    I would check these guys out. http://www.headlessusa.com These are the guys for original Steinbergers from the '80's in the USA.They ship International also.Not cheap but well worth the price in my opinion.Good selection.
  3. Basschip

    fclef4life Feedback

    I just bought a Wal Mk3 5 string bass from Denis.The bass is fantastic but just as impressive was my dealings with Denis. He is a man of the highest integrity.His communication skills were exemplary and he made me feel informed and comfortable throughout the buying process.This is all the more remarkable because we had to deal with CITES issues because of a rosewood fretboard.The bass was in Spain and I live in the USA.It is a bureaucratic headache,so it is understandable why so many sellers refuse to take it on.I just appreciate him going through the process and getting it done.If not for people like Denis it would be near impossible to get a Wal bass from Europe to the USA. I highly recommend him for any dealings You won't be sorry. Reuben