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  1. Bought a Fender Jazz from Sammybass, paying via paypal. He posted straight away and packaged the bass nicely. No problems at all, a very pleasant buying experience, and seems like a decent chap all round! Cheers, Ally
  2. Absolutely. And they're probably not just after your money from a fake sale, but also your credit card details. I'd be really cautious filling in any details on the site.
  3. Looks seriously dodgy. Surely must be a phishing site or something? The certificates are all weird (BBB is an American thing right?) and the domain name is registered to the same details as the 'warehouse' contact address. I've reported to Action Fraud, hopefully (if it is fake) it'll get shut down and no-one'll get scammed. If not, here's to 49% off everything!
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